Extensions for everyone: from the simple to the luxurious, different activities!


Our travel philosophy is to support as much as possible the traveler to create their own itinerary, so you can add endless possibilities for activities and extensions. A short and incomplete list of some of the possibilities is always helpful.



Of course we can not show all the possibilities here, we describe only those who believe the most interesting. We have already organized meetings between radio amateurs, collectors of stamps and a visit to the market on the buttons. Do not be afraid to ask if feasible: who does not ask will not know if it was possible or not!



In addition to visits already included in the trip, if you are interested in other points of interest such as museums, monasteries, temples, lakes, theater, sport arenas, professional associations and cooperation and so on, indicate it, so we can include in your itinerary.



Are you interested to know or support a project? Want to know who is behind the Fair Trade? With pleasure we introduce you to the project of social, ecological and fair trade initiatives on the ground, perhaps by inserting it in the visits already planned in the area! So you can make an idea in the first person, and who knows you find that you like supporting an initiative even after the trip.



Do you want to experience hiking or just a walk in the surroundings where you travel? We can accommodate both short and long walks at your leisure. If you like to go on horseback, you can often arrange a day in contact with nature, even for those with little riding experience.



Many hotels, Resort and Spa offer "wellness". Both with swimming pool, sauna, massages of all types or Yoga. Ask us if this is possible in your journey, and of course, where not offered by the accommodation, we can incorporate those activities into your journey, just ask. Or you are interested in a traditional doctor but do not know how to find it. A medical visit from traditional Doctor, Ayurvedic or Shaman is possible if you ask in advance.



Have you heard of a particular hotel in which you would like to stay overnight, or you want to spend a special night in a luxury boutique hotel? Or stay in private homes (home stay)? We can replace the accommodations provided for other hotels in our tour given by you, or we can suggest you to give your journey that little bit extra that will make it a worthwhile experience.



Often, on location or during transfers, we can also enter short of half or full day rafting, tandem paragliding with an experienced pilot, a bungee jump full of adrenaline, a day of rock climbing. Nothing prevents to ask what can be done.



A day cycling or mountain biking with guides, or just rent a bike to explore the villages and Hinterland pedaling or why not, the Hutong in Beijing? You can do laps of a half or a full day, as well as of several days, both for those who are more trained and those who ride only



Do you like to play golf? We will tell you where to do it, in Asia you will find spectacular golf courses in the major cities of China, but also in front of the stunning views over the eight thousand Annapurna and Manaslu Himal in Pokhara.