Traveling as differently abled in Nepal, Tibet, China and Bhutan it is possible!

Traveling as differently abled in Nepal, Tibet, China and Bhutan it is possible!.


Travelling for a person with different abilities is not something impossible, it must not be a reason to give up a great journey. With our practical experience in supporting travelers with disabilities we can offer logistical support that also allows people with different abilities to travel in Asia.



According to us, virtually all types of travels are possible. Obviously, the preparation and assistance they require more attention, such as the collaboration between you and us: we have to know every of yours individual needs. An excursion on elephant back, the visit of mysterious places and fascinating temples and monasteries, watching the life of a market and why not experience a paragliding flight with an experienced pilot in front of a wall of the eight thousand meters! intentionally, we do not classify which trip would be possible or not, almost all of our trips are adaptable to the needs you may have.



The physically handicapped are unfortunately still disadvantaged by the presence of architectural barriers even in the most famous and popular tourist spots. In our travels we take naturally into account your needs in the choice of housing and necessary assistance to minimize disruption of the barrier design issues during the visits and excursions. We know the site is not only expensive hotels that are also suitable for those who use a wheelchair where health services allow the use of the shower and toilet even with the wheelchair.



Today, the medical and health care in most places is certainly suitable to provide assistance for those who are disabled and luckily most of the hospitals is accessible to the handicapped.



Yes, also go trekking for those who have mobility problems can be adapted the logistics and support. In trekking we will provide extra carriers and assistance for the participants and of course we are also prepared to hygienic support, with easy accessibility for you, and cabinet with blinds that can be assembled and disassembled easily anywhere. With ours special chairs prepared for the carriers or horses you can make breathtaking trekking!



Unfortunately, the flights are always a bit uncomfortable, but to avoid this We ensure the best in flights that we deliver on a journey. Rather, you should ensure that your international flights are organized in such a way as to travel comfortably and have near the chair. Before the trip inquire with the carrier with which we fly to know the restrictions and the documentation to be submitted for boarding, so you do not have problems in this regard.



First you have to explain as much as possible your needs! It all depends on your needs and the best description possible even in its medical aspects.



If you are traveling with a wheelchair keep in mind that a folding one best fits any travel situations. The hotels we use they have free access to the road and prepare the rooms so as to facilitate the entry and the stay.



We can not provide specialized care, unfortunately we do not have adequate staff assistants but that we expect in addition to driving. So if you need professional assistance to travel, is highly recommended that you bring from your country an assistant. We provide, naturally in agreement with you and your needs, assistants and guides who assist you in the most professionally possible way.



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