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We care that those who rely on us, has full knowledge of who we are and where we are, it is your right to know who handled money and time for your often "the most beautiful weeks of the year"!


Navyo Nepal Discover Asia

China Tibet International Workers Travel Service

Asia Paradise Travel & Tours (P) Ltd

Navyo Nepal Trekking (P) Ltd


Skype : navyonepal


Monday to friday 10 -12 e 14 - 18
(best time to call from Europe : 06:00 - 14:00 german time)

(If you don't have Skype, you can download it from .

Phone : ++977 016916359

Email : write us

Internet :

Facebook : Navyo Nepal Discover Asia page

Facebook : Navyo Nepal Discover Asia


To write or send parcel via Post office :

Navyo Nepal Discover Asia
C/O PO Box 9874 PCN 329
Kathmandu, Nepal


Headquarter: Macchegaun

management | communication | support

Tallo Dakshi 8, Macchegaun VDC

Phone: ++977 016916359

Office Hours: by appointment

If you want to visit, it is easy to reach either by taxi, public buses or even making a trip by bike or on foot from Kirtipur through the hinterland in the valley with an unusual and beautiful "day tour" offering, with good weather, beautiful views of the Himalayas and some cultural gem to visit. We suggest you call us, a good coffee or tea always awaits you, and maybe even some interesting experience in this area.


Head office: Kathmandu

logistic | support | assistance

Ward 29, Bhagwan Bahal, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Phone: ++977 01 4415987

Office Hours: Monday to friday 10 -12 and 14 - 18 local time
( 06:00 alle ore 14:00 in Europe)

To visit our offices in Kathmandu, simply go to Thamel, the tourist center, there is the Narshing Chowk, where you go for "Bhagwan Bahal" for ca. 100 m direction Lainchaur. You are on the right alley, used as parking of motorcycles. Follow the alley for approx 50 m and on the left you see a new house on the second floor and our sign. Go up to the second floor to visit our offices. Remember that is not guaranteed presence of Italian speaking staff, it is useful to make an appointment turning to telephone ++ 977 016 916 359 or alternatively visit the headquarters of Macchegaun.


Head office:Lhasa

logistic | support | assistance

Beijing West Road, 56, Lhasa, Tibet, P.R. of China

Phone: ++86-891-6836609

Office Hours: Monday to friday 10 -12 and 14 - 18 local time
( 06:00 alle ore 14:00 in Europe)

To visit our offices in Lhasa, where they speak of course English, ask the staff or the guide to accompany you. The office is located in the historic city, 10 minutes from the Barkhor, in Jiangshu Road but without accompaniment, difficult to find.


Tour Operator

Our organization is fully registered with the competent authorities for the activities of tour operators, Trekking and Travel Agent and the legal right to perform.

Technical director and legal representative : Ms. Manju Baral

VAT No: 50090105
Operating License No: 433/055
Company Reg. No: 9507/055/56
GVT. REG. No: 77/12268


Italian Association of Travel Agents:

Since September 2014, the Italian Association of Travel Agents welcomed us, we consider that to be a high recognition not being an Italy based company!


Besides all the registrations and legal authorization to operate, we are also associated with the following sector Organisations:

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